Guest Room Mobility Accessible Features:

·  Accessible doors and doorways (at least 32-inches of clear width passage)

·  Accessible bathrooms and features, including roll in shower

·  Accessible room controls (e.g. HVAC and lighting)

·  Accessible clear floor space

·  Speaker phone available 

Guest Room Communication Assist Features:

·  Closed-caption televisions

·  Visual notification devices for telephones

·  Telephones have volume control

·  TDD machine available

Public Space ADA Accessible Features:

·  Accessible parking spaces and signage (car and van)

·  Accessible parking space that is 96-inches wide with an appropriate access aisle

·  An accessible route that allows for approaching and entering the hotel

·  An accessible lobby entrance door

     ·  Room signage: 60-inches to sign center above finished floor 

     ·  Accessible table in eating area. 

     ·  The eating area has self-service shelves and dispensing devices within reach range



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